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Exploration of Generative Music

One of my biggest interests is in the world of generative music. Being able to have music write itself within systems and rules you've set in place is a magical experience when done well.

Conductive Labs: NDLR

This was my first attemt at a journalistic review, looking at what you get for your money and if it is worth purchasing.

I was lucky enough for a small article to be written about this piece on

Game of Life MIDI Sequencer

The MicroBit

The MicroBit is a microcontroller aimed at education, primarily used to introduce the idea of coding to younger audiences. However, the MicroBit can run python which allows it to punch far above its initial class.


Game of Life

Game of Life invented by the mathematician John Horton Conway is a 0 player game where the initial state of alive or dead cells dictates the evolution and population of the grid. This is one form of 'Cellular Automata'  

Game of Life.PNG
Game of Life example.PNG

How It Works

Game of Life depends on the population of the neighbours of a cell. If there are between 2 or 3 neighbours then a cell live in the next generation. If not, it dies. However, a dead cell can be brought back with 4 neighbours. Shown below is the first 4 steps of a simple game of life.

8x8 Matrix to 4x4 Screen

The MicroBit's dot matrix isn't high enough resolution to show the full 8x8 matrix so a form of 'sudo' anti aliasing is used to give more of a 'map' of the matrix oppose to a full representation.

Display Theory.png

Little Video I Made For It

Although the website and code are no longer available it is interesting to listen to the sequences and think of where this project could go next. 

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