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Jeremy Lloyd

Jack Lyons Concert Hall

  • Neumann KM 184s – Spaced pair – 4m up, 7m away (Cardioid)

  • AKG Bluelines – ORTF – 1.5m up, 10m away (Cardioid)

  • Neumann U87s – Spaced Pair – 1.5m up, 15m away (Omni)

  • Sontronics Sigma – Room – 1.5m up, 15m away (Figure-8)

Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Prelude & Fugue in G Major BWV 550 - J.S Bach

Tierce En Taille from 'Livre d'Orgue' - Pierre Du Mage

Grand Jeu from 'Livre d'Orgue' - Pierre Du Mage

Plein Jeu, Fugue and Trio from 'Livre d'Orgue' - Pierre Du Mage

Joshua Quinlan: Sir Christemas

"Sir Christemas" by Joshua Quinlan, recorded by Singers from The 24, University of York (conducted by the composer).

The text to "Sir Christemas" (believed to have been written by Richard Smerte in the late 15th century) is a festive and jolly poem, encouraging us to "Buvez bien, buvez bien par toute la compagnie" (transl.: Drink up, drink up, with all the company) whilst reminding us of the true purpose of Christmas.

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